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Cookie Policy

TSUZUKI CORPORATION will collect information using cookies for the purpose of jointly using and analyzing the customers' usage on the website, or providing customized services and advertisements to individual customers.

  1. About Cookies
    Cookies enable to store your website browsing information on your computer (PC, smartphone, tablet, or other devices that can connect to the Internet). Using cookies, TSUZUKI CORPORATION obtains browsing information such as the number of visits to the website and the pages you visited. In addition, it is not possible to identify your personal information with the cookie information. You can refuse cookies by setting your browser, however, please note that you may not be able to receive some services if you do.
    There are two types of cookies, one is set up to use the functions provided on the TSUZUKI CORPORATION website and the other is set up by a third party affiliated with TSUZUKI CORPORATION. Online advertising for TSUZUKI CORPORATION can be placed in the best place by the affiliated advertisement service provider.
  2. Purpose of Cookies
    1. We use it to identify your computer and enable you to use our service when you browse our website. Therefore, you will not have to re-enter the same information by storing cookies on your computer which will increase the convenience on accessing the website on your browser.
    2. TSUZUKI CORPORATION utilizes the information collected using cookies to analyze the usage status (access status, traffic, routing, etc.) of the customer's website and improve the performance of the website itself and the services provided to customers from us.
      In addition, the following tools are mainly used for this analysis, and information may be provided to the tool providers.

      Google Analytics
      Tool provider: Google
      Google Privacy Policy:
      Information collected through this tool: Your website usage (access status, traffic, site migration, etc.)
    3. TSUZUKI CORPORATION may distribute behavioral advertisements on its website and affiliated advertisement service providers.
  3. How to Refuse Cookies
    1. How to refuse all cookies
      You can disable cookies by changing your browser settings. However, please note that you may not be able to receive some services on TSUZUKI CORPORATION website and other than TSUZUKI CORPORATION website if you disable cookies.
      Please ask how to change the cookie settings to the manufacturer of each browser.
      Please refer to the following popular browsers.

      Apple Safari

      Google Chrome

      Microsoft Internet Explorer

      Mozilla Firefox
    2. How to refuse certain cookies

      Please contact each company how to stop sending information to the advertisement service provider. You can also check the major advertising service providers' URL listed below. However, please be aware that you might be restricted in using the products and services provided by each company if you delete all these cookie information.

      Privacy Policy:
      How to stop sending information:

      Google and Google Network
      Privacy Policy:
      How to stop sending information:

      Privacy Policy:
      How to stop sending information:

      Privacy Policy:
      How to stop sending information: