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Tsuzuki Corporation was founded in 1890 by Suzuki Saburoji as the Suzuki Timber Shop. This year, we mark 133 years in business.
Our long history has not always been a smooth one, and we have experienced having a sawmill swept away when the Tenryu River overflowed as well as the turmoil after Japan’s defeat in the war. Overcoming many trials and tribulations, we have come to the present day, and we are deeply thankful to still be here on account of the kind patronage of all our customers and suppliers as well as the efforts of our predecessors who built the history of this company.

The corona virus that began in January of 2020 finally showed signs of returning to normal in the second half of 2022. But just as many countries around the world made ready to recover from the effects of the corona virus, the Russian invasion of the Ukraine happened.
The supply chain for Russia’s energy resources collapsed, and the world economy underwent a complete change. To those of us in the timber industry, the Russian invasion had an even stronger impact, bringing soaring energy costs and a rise in interest rates in the midst of the violent backlash from the “wood shock” of 2021.

But even in these troubled times, we stick to our corporate philosophy and continue to do business honestly and fairly, prepared to weave our company’s history.
We look forward to serving you again in the future.

Hiroaki Tsuzuki