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TSUZUKI CORPORATION was founded by Saburoji Suzuki in 1890 (Meiji 23).
Since its founding, we have overcome many hardships and survived turbulent times.
Our corporate philosophy defines
"We create meaningful value for our society by continuing our business, valuing your trust and promoting mutual
prosperity with our customers and business partners."

We are truly grateful for our customers and business partners who have supported us for many years,
at the same time we should not forget to thank plenty of our forerunners and precursors in our long history
since we have been able to continue our business until today.

Covid 19, which has been rampant all over the world since last year, affects not only our economy,
but also people's lives, cultures and changes various values.
Environmental issues such as CO2 reduction give timber resources the opportunity to discover new value.
since Wood shock, which originated from the covid 19 has overturned the past common sense of wood supply and
demand in various countries around the world.

TSUZUKI CORPORATION adheres to its corporate philosophy even in this chaotic situation.
We continue our business that enables us to contribute to our customers, business partners, and society.

Thank you for your continued support.